How to create a sustainable community?

Sustainability is achieved only when the community concerns about environment, not only the individuals. If you care about the Earth's resilience, you probably would like other individuals in the community to join you.

Three basic ways which the individuals can start contributing to the sustainability are composting, reusing and recycling.


Organic materials, such as food, can be turned into compost used to improve the soil quality. Any leftover is a candidate to reduce the waste and contribute to a sustainable environment. The community composting cuts down food waste, which contributes to eight percent of global carbon emissions.

For more detailed information about the composting, you can visit Natural Resources Defense Council's and Environmental Protection Agency's website.


Reusing is one of the most common method which has been chosen for many years. Instead of throwing away the old, they can be reused in art or building projects and can be resold or swapped on community forums.


The contemporary municipalities and regulations lead the community to be more aware of the importance of recycling. You can help your community recycle more effectively by using multiple stream recycling and educating them about recycling contamination.

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